About Dr. Anjan Naidu

A njan was born at Machalipattanam , Andhra Pradesh, India to his parents belonging to the lower middle class family.
Father Mr. P. Subbarao being a railway employee and mother Smt. P. Krishnakumari being housewife, the family monthly income was low but Anjan saw opportunities to rise from the bottom to the pinnacle.

He finished his primary & secondary schooling from Gujrati National High School, Gondia. Most amazingly for his higher education he joined the institution for which he is currently working as Principal, The D. B. Science College.

For his masters , he studied M.Sc. (Mathematics) from University of which he currently the prominent member of Academic Council, The RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur. He has also worked in various prestigious positions of the university.

Since his college days his youth icon and also his inspiration has always been Mr. Praful Patel ( Ex. Union Cabinet Minister for Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises).

What Prominent Personalities and Academicians says about Dr. Anjan ...

  • Mr. Praful Patel
    "I am impressed by Anjan's work with the D. B.Sc. College. The students are benefiting so greatly from the organization and its many activities. The all round development is just the example of how Anjan is meeting the tremendous needs of our organization & students."
    Mr. Praful Patel
    Ex-Cabinate Minister for
    Heavy Industries & Public Enterprise. Govt. Of India.
  • Mrs Varsha Praful Patel
    "We have the wonderful opportunity to have all of our dreams come true in D. B. Science. Anjan’s efforts allow all of us to successfully integrate within G.E.S., and for this He is worthy of all blessings."
    Mrs Varsha Praful Patel
    President - Gondia Education Society & Manoharbhai Patel Academy.
  • Mr. Rajendra Jain
    "The reason that I first went to D. B. Science College is something to do new with educational system... As a Secretary I receive regular updates as to what's going on at D. B. Science College. This is very important and gives me peace of mind, Thanks Anjan. “
    Mr. Rajendra Jain
    Ex-M.L.C. - Gondia, Secretary - Gondia Education Society
  • Dr. Tirupati Rao
    I got to see Dr Naidu's work when I was the chairman of an Accreditation committee appointed by the NAAC of which Dr. Anjan Naidu was the member. He is quick, accurate and very active in his assignments and perfect with his results. He is young and I wish him all the best for the rest of his academic duties.
    Dr. Tirupati Rao
    Former Vice Chancellor, Osmania University
  • Dr. Gopal Reddy
    Anjan is a kind and humble personality. I am impressed to see his work and contribution in the field of higher education.
    Dr. Gopal Reddy
    Former Vice chancellor, Kakatiya University, Warangal
  • Dr. Vedprakash Mishra
    Anjan is like a brother to me. I know him since a long time. He is a very active principal and perhaps one of the best in the business. He is also a worth watching orator. He has developed D. B. Science College in a way that it has become a landmark achievement.
    Dr. Vedprakash Mishra
    Chancellor, KIMSDU, Karad,
    Pro-Chancellor & Chief Advisor, DMIMS University, Wardha.
  • Dr. S. N. Pathan
    Dr. Anjan Naidu is in my view a very Dynamic Principal. During my tenure as the vice chancellor of Nagpur University he received "IDEAL PRINCIPAL" Award for his best practices. His selection for the prestigious award by the Jury was undisputed. I personally feel he has a lot to achieve in his career and this passion will keep him moving.
    Dr. S. N. Pathan
    Former Vice - Chancellor, R.T.M. Nagpur University, Nagpur.