Dr. Anjan Naidu

Vijayaprabha Anjan Naidu>

Anjan's family

Anjan was born at Machalipattanam , Andhra Pradesh, India to his parents belonging to the lower middle class family. Father Mr. P. Subbarao being a railway employee and mother Smt. P. Krishnakumari being housewife, the family monthly income was low but Anjan saw opportunities to rise from the bottom to the pinnacle.

We feel proud to have a son like Anjan.....
Mr. & Mrs. Naidu - Parents

Anjan got married on 8th of October 1989 with Vishnupriya.

Anjan got married on 8th of October 1989 with Vishnupriya , the only daughter of Mr. Bhaskar Rao who was then the President of Krishna District Co-Operative Bank, Andhra Pradesh.

True Companion

"As a husband , as a person , as a human he is my hero . one thing that strikes about him is his passion and dedication to work harder and harder . his mind for me is a box of innovations. Most importantly the way he takes up the things is worth noticing. his desire for the betterment of education in the society and the courage to handle the pressure make me feel proud of him ." - Mrs. Vishnupriya Naidu - wife
Vijayaprabha Anjan Naidu
Vijayaprabha Anjan Naidu